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TNN will be at Site 111-Maitland Showgrounds on APRIL 18th,19th and 20th.

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Client Testimonial Examples

Muree golf club has been using TNN products on the course mainly on the bent greens since late may 2012.
After a meeting with Bill Munton and soil tests were taken, we started a soil health and fertilizer program using TNN products that best suited our crop which is turf.

In this time period we have been able to increase the root length and quantity and quality across the different type of turf grasses that we maintain on course, the biggest increase have been on the bent grass greens.
Since May we have not used any chemical fertilizers and we now have healthier turf and soil than in previous years.
With healthier soil and turf we have been able to decrease the amount of water use by 50% in cooler conditions and 25% in the warmer months cutting costs of irrigation.
Which has increased the playability of surfaces and has helped in lowering fungicide and insecticide use on the course this has cut costs in chemicals making it safer for my staff and golfers in their day to day interaction with the course.

We use BioActor and 15.5.5 every month; we do change application rates depending on turf needs such as heat and pest stress at different times throughout the year. With this adjustable approach we are better able to control consistent leaf growth rather than sharp rises and falls of leaf growth that occurred using conventional fertilizers and ideas which only increased stress and unwanted pressure on the turf plant and green staff.

Other products used are FF60, FCMP and formula1 at greens renovations and on fairways, tees and roughs. At times of turf stress we apply liquid lime with nutrient pack and swift cal for greens.
I am very happy how things are going using TNN products we are only in the infancy stages of the new programs and product trials but I believe as time goes on the course will go from strength to strength.

Robert Baker
Course Superintendent
Muree Golf Club
Raymond Terrace NSW 2324

Results of two barley crops grown at Myola, Central Victoria.

Both crops are the same soil type, rainfall and history.

Crop One - Gardner Barley, grown by Adrian Tuohey

This paddock has been in the same family for three generations.

Paddock size is 72 acre – 28.8 hectare
The yield was 98 ton @ 10.4 % protein and equates to 1.36 ton per acre.
The return was $ 308 per acre.

Inputs were 30 Kg superphosphate per acre and 400 Kg TNN Trace Lime per acre.

Crop two – Gardner Barley, grown by Greg Bower.

Paddock size is 180 acres – 72 hectare
Yield was 130 ton @ 8 % protein equates to 0.72 ton per acre.
The return per acre was $ 167 per acre

Input was 30 Kg Superphosphate per acre.

Over all, the increase in Yield of Crop One compared to Crop Two was 64 %.
Difference in return after cost of Trace Lime and of same is $ 108 per acre higher for crop one
This is the best crop ever grown on this paddock, according to the Tuohey Family.

Peter Harrick
Diploma of Sustainable Ag


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