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Dr. Arden Andersen’s endorsement of TNN Industries Pty. Ltd

Who is Dr. Arden Andersen?

Dr. A. Andersen is a very diversified and unique professional. After growing up on a dairy farm in Michigan, US, he earned his bachelor degree in agriculture, majoring in agricultural education, from the University of Arizona. He subsequently worked in The Netherlands as a work exchange student on dairy, sugar beet (sweet potato) and potato farm. He has taught high school vocational agriculture and coached a league champion track team.

During a 15-year, full-time consulting practice that took him all over the world he earned his Ph.D. in agriculture biophysics and decided to enter the medical profession. He subsequently completed medical school in California at Western University of Health Sciences, post-graduate training at Muskegon-General Hospital and established his initial medical practice at the Born Preventive Health Care Clinic in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

He adds to his already full career a dedication to his country by serving as flight surgeon in the United States Air Force Reserves at Grissom Air Reserve Base, Indiana receiving the Air Force Commendation Medal and The Warrior’s Creed Award. He now practices medicine only part-time while continuing a very active agricultural consulting schedule and travels to Australia regularly to teach and consult.

He has an open invitation to lecture at the University of Western Australia in Perth and is regularly interviewed by the Australian Broadcasting Company. At every opportunity Dr. Andersen connects farm and human health epitomizing the statement, “Let food be your medicine,” and literally has patients from around the world travelling to see him. He has developed a reputation as a loving, compassionate, skilled doctor who finds solutions.

Dr. Arden Andersen has written a number of books, some of these are:

  • Real Food, Real Nutrition
  • Science in Agriculture
  • The Anatomy of Life and Energy in Agriculture.

Dr. Arden Andersen has made the following endorsement;

“I find TNN to be a well organized professional organization that puts customer satisfaction and farm results at the top of their priority list. They have excellent soil, plant, and animal products comparable in quality with any competitor in the business. Regardless of product, however, this business is about people, customer support and satisfaction, and the ability of the consultant to keep it simple and get profitable results. Most impressive is that TNN, recognizing that action speaks louder than words, has a formal consultant training program that starts with the consultant addressing their own health, diet and lifestyle issues in order to gain their dedication to the biological sustainable farming industry. Farming is about producing food for people. TNN understands and practices this motto on a personal level. I am honoured to be a part of their education and training program.”
Dr. Arden Andersen PhD DO FS


Mike papa Monday Sep 1st, 2014

Arden is the BEST! We need much more people to step up to the plate and defend the integrity of nature for the health of future generations of people

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