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TNN will be at Site 111-Maitland Showgrounds on APRIL 18th,19th and 20th.

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Q & A : Soil Analysis

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Why Soil & Plant Test?

  •  Soil analysis enables the farmer to obtain accurate recommendations for main plant food requirements for pastures or cereal crops.
  • Soil analysis safeguards the farmer against the expensive fertilizer applications, energy cost for cultivation will bring the land to an increasing level of productivity.
  • Soil analysis provides a diagnosis for soil problems by determination of nutrient deficiencies, excesses or imbalances.
  • Soil and plant analysis can determine the underlying cause of many animal-health problems associated with nutritional and trace element deficiencies.
  • Soil and plant analysis gives information on the required micronutrient additives, either in superphosphate or stock feed; hence NO MORE wasted expenditure on exotic varieties of trace elements, which are not needed.