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Bruce Lindsay

Three weeks after sewing my oat crop in appoximately mid July, I applied 10Litres of 15.5.5 plus trace elements and 5Litres Swift Cal per hectare.   The Shaftil seeds in the soil also germinated and resulted in a brix reading of 15 that was taken  on September 3rd, 2015. This resulted in solid stems, no weeds and no insects.  The crop is to be cut for hay or silage. The cost was approximately $70per hectare.  No other fertilizer was used.


PM & SC Nixon
Tulare Park

Firstly let me express my sincere appreciation of the performance of TNN products and your personal help and assistance throughout the current drought situation.  It is very much appreciated.

On your advice, I sowed my oats' block (230 acres) basically dry and incorporated TNN FCMP at sowing using my John Deere disc, no-till planter.  I firmly believe that this product has benefited the growth and establishment of what is turning out to be the best oats crop I have ever grown not-withstanding the fact that our rainfall to date has been minimal. In fact 5 inches LESS than last year so something is different.  The plants look healthier and the volume of growth appears heavier.  Grazing has already been utilized and plant regrowth appears improved over previous years. 

We have been applying 15.5.5, Powdered Liquid Lime and Bioactor with apparent benefits on the lucerne block.  Our plants are healthier and recovery between cuts faster.  The leaf size appeared larger and the plants became more dense.  In the current dormant period,  my stand looks far healthier than neighbouring stands. All these stands have experienced a horrendously hot dry summer together with extremely heavy frosts throughout this current winter period.  I firmly believe the application of TNN products during the growing period has contributed to the current health of the plants, to the extent that, I am sure the first-cut will be far superior to any previous first-cuts. 

Overall the performance of TNN products and your personal involvement are most gratifying. In my opinion they have made a major difference to our Lucerne & Oat production.

Paul Nixon


John Thompson
Central Coast NSW

The desire to improve our grazing pasture, soil condition and animal nutrition led us to take a different approach and change our farming program.

We have two small beef cattle operations in the Mangrove Mountain area west of Gosford on the Central Coast of NSW and for years we had spread both fowl and pig manure over the farms with mixed results.  We found that in the past, we could only finish cattle off over the summer period when the nutritional value of the grass was at its peak and they were unable to hold their condition through the winter months.  This was not suitable, as we also operate a butcher shop in Sydney and needed to finish cattle off all year round on natural pasture.  This led us to try a different approach so we contacted TNN Industries for their advice and started a trial of the TNN progam.

The first necessary step was a TNN soil test.  We then applied 100kgs/ha of TNN FCMP (Fused Calcium Magnesium Phosphate), as well as 50kgs/ha of TNN Formula 1, to try and build up and improve the microbes and soil structure.  Since then we have continued with more soil tests and following these applied more TNN Formula 1, FCMP,TNN FF60 solid soil conditioner and TNN Powdered Liquid Lime with chelated trace elements. This was to release many of the locked up nutrients and elements in the soil.  For an increase in nitrogen availability we used TNN slow release Urea Supreme and to correct trace element deficiencies, (TNN formulated a special trace element blend which included sulpher, boron, selenium & cobalt).

We are now undertaking a trial of TNN's Bioactor compound microbial fertilizer.  With the use of this TNN product we are hoping to increase the soil bacteria and micro-organisms and further increase the levels of trace elements such as molydenum and boron. 

The TNN program enbles us to finish off our cattle all year round on natural pasture.  Our soils have become softer and retain more moisture near the surface in long dry periods.  We feel the cattle are much quieter and more contented.  We have had only positive remarks about the quality of the meat in the butcher shop.

It has been a slow process correcting the imbalance in the soil but we feel we are meeting the challenge with the help of TNN Industries.  So far it has been a win win situation


Helen & Ian Gray

We have been using Mineral Plus since June 2013 and have been topping the market with our lambs, averaging $160-$170.  There is no footrot, pink-eye or lice.  We will be undertaking a lucerne program in the current autumn.


Paul Conallin

In the last year of the drought I applied 80kg FCMP and the brix reading doubled in 8 days after applying 10lts of NK Plus. However the crop failed due to an absence of rain.  In the next season no phosporus was applied as most of the 80kg was still available.  The result was a 6 tonne crop, 12% protein with very little rust.  Most neighbours got a 4 tonne crop, 8-9% protein and a lot of rust.  Silica in FCMP helps fight disease in the soils.


Chris Millar

I have been using TNN products since 2005 and initially soil tests showed that up to ten times the amout of phosphorus locked up in the soil.  Tracelime and Formual 1 were applied with no phosporus or potassium.  The irrigation watering went from 10 days out to 32 days.  Mineral Plus ADE has been used since day one and we have had only one lame cow in 10 years. TNN products used are FCMP, FF60, Tracelime, Bioactor, 32% Nitrogen.



James Kerr

 I have been using the TNN fetilizer system on one third of my farm for 4 years and the remaining two thirds for 1 year.  The calcium magnesium ratio has increased from 1.5 : 1 to 4.8 : 1 on the third of the farm.  Available phosphorus has increasedfrom 10 kg to 65 kg per hectare and potassium has doubled.  The first soil sample was taken in December 2009 and the latest in Februrary 2014 and all elements (except trace elements) are now more than 100% of the required level. 

The first year's fertilizer program was approximately $300 per hectare but this year will only be $60 per hectare.  The fertilility rate in our cows is 92% with Mineral Plus being used on a monthly basis.  Some of the other TNN products used are FCMP, Tracelime, Formula1, Bioactor, 15-5-5, Mineral spray and Mega K.


Tony Fitzpatrick

I have been using Mineral Plus for sheep for 10 years.  The last year of drought had 85% drop of twins and 110% overall with merino crossbred ewes.  Neighbours were only getting 60-65%.  Younger ewes were lambing before older ones with no birthing complications.  Lambs weighing out at 22kg no footrot, pinkeye, lice and flies are not a problem.  We are growing a much stronger fibre wool.  We also use TNN FCMP on pastures and cereal crops.


Glen & Laurel Cameron
"Caledonia" Station
Aramac Queensland

All I can say after trialling TNN products for several months, is that I put my hand up to become a supplier. I could see that TNN  products would benefit graziers that were struggling with the drought out here in Central Western Queensland and for that matter all over Queensland.

After we commenced using the TNN Outback Mineral Plus, (not immediately) but in a surprisingly short period we could see the cattle pick up, their demeanour changed, they were stronger, appeared better in the coat and eye and as well their stools went from hard pads to softer pads. They also had more energy which was a turn-around.

Cost wise with 4,500 head to get through the drought, traditional supplemental feeding methods were going to make our position difficult. At a cost per head for a six week period of around 80 cents for a 500 kg beast for the Mineral Plus ADE and cheaper for the TNN Outback Mineral Plus it is extremely cost effective. If you are doing weaners then the cost for a 250 to 300 kg weaner is between 40 to 50 cents for the TNN Mineral Plus ADE and again cheaper for the TNN Outback Mineral Plus. This saves valuable dollars when you are faced with huge survival feeding costs and poor sale prices from which to generate income to keep going.

I am looking forward to the return of reasonable seasons.  We will continue to use the TNN Mineral Plus ADE to increase the performance of our cattle, rather than survival/drought feeding.   


Geoff & Margaret Frankham

Two years ago I was introduced to a product called TNN Mineral Plus. This product is designed to supply minerals and vitamins to live-stock when they are grazing on very low nutrition feed (feed that is very low in energy). The soil type that my stock is grazing on is a very light sandy soil, very acid (a ph of 4.5) and very high in aluminium.   At this stage it is very hard to get improved pasture established. The main grasses growing here are spear grass, wire grass and some rye grass. 

I have never been able to mark any more than 85% - 90% lambs.  Since using Mineral Plus I am marking 110%.  Some of these lambs weighed 45kg at 12 weeks of age, although I will have to say the introduction of Samm Rams has helped this along.

The season here is very dry we have only had 75% of our normal rain-fall for the year.  The ewes have maintained their body weight right through, as well as rearing the lambs.I have been able to reduce the need to drench for internal parasites (I have some lambs weighing 45kg-50kg that have never been drenched)..I have found that anyone that has used this product will continue to use it. It makes that much difference to stock management.

TNN advised me that it would take a number of years to correct the deficiencies in the soil with the fertilizers and soil conditioners that they have available, but I can see a very marked improvement in the live-stock in one year.  


Michael & Adele Horn
Valley Machinery Service
0429 388 055 

We have been using TNN products for a while now including TNN Mineral Plus. During the recent prolonged dry spell we noticed that our cattle didn’t slip and maintained their healthy glow. With the right balance of minerals in TNN Mineral Plus the cattle seem to be able to better utilise the limited feed they had available. Their feed conversion rates were higher and we even managed to finish cattle for export slaughter with acceptable fat scores.  


Agquip 2013 -Bill Munton

As well as new clients taking home much of what the TNN Industries team had on display at this year’s Ag Quip site, Queensland distributor Bill Munton, Millers Forest, said they had been getting visits from previous clients commenting on how well the TNN products had worked for them.

“Business was certainly up this year – we had more and more repeat clients coming through as well as people who had had TNN products recommendedto them,” Mr Munton said.

“The FCMP product, an alternative to superphosphate, MAP and DAP applications, was a particularly popular product,” he said. Mr said. TNN would be holding an ‘onfarm’ Field Day at Ballimore on September 11, 2013

Contact Bill Munton on 0407 252 318 

Justin Gilbert
Booma Boers - Boer Goat Stud
0447 575 308 (02) 66575 308

TNN Mineral Plus

I have over 1500 Boer goats on the north coast of NSW in a high rainfall area that is traditionally not recommended for goat production. 

Over the last 5 years we have experienced a lot of problems with goat abortions as well as poor lactation and mothers losing condition very fast even in the best paddock. At different times up to 50% of mothers have aborted and then a lot of the kids failed to thrive.

After years of research, working with the district vet, we established that the key problem was the lack of available minerals in this high rainfall property. Goat’s requirements are extremely high and I have tried different forms of supplementation without success.

I now have TNN products on trial and my initial results have been very successful. The abortion rate has dropped to approx 2% and kids have increased in size by approx 1kg each with less kidding problems. The kids are growing extremely fast and the mums are holding condition well (in some cases the mums are increasing in weight even while lactating).

At the moment things are going the best they ever have”


Cliff & Margaret Osborn,
Millers Forest, NSW, 2324

Sorghum was set during the drought on 8th December, 2006 in a formerly low productive paddock where the regular use of conventional fertilizers had minimal effect. In consultation with TNN's Bill Munton a TNN program was organized to improve the crop yields and has resulted in a most favourable outcome.

The seed was first inoculated with TNN's Seed Energiser and set in a well prepared seed bed fertilized to Bill's recommendation.

The crop has attained an average height of 2.6 meters with dense, juicy stems. It has been hand cut and fed to the cattle with the entire stalk and leaf eagerly devoured leaving absolutely no waste.

We have also used TNN's Mineral Supplement for cattle with outstanding success over three years. It has proved to be a major benefit to the well being of the herd.

Daniel & Melissa Fenning,
Copperhead Boers,
Buxton, NSW, 2571

We have been breeding and showing Boer goats for close to three years and through the drought we have found it very hard to keep our stock in top condition. We had many health problems aggravated by being on a small acreage. We had good months and some bad ones and just could not find the right balance of products. We had heard of a couple of people speak about "TNN Mineral Plus A D & E with Extra Selenium" so we gave them a call and thought we'd try it.

After giving the goats the first dose we noticed that their coats had straightened out and our bucks started to put on weight even though our feeding had not changed.

We have now been using the Mineral Drench for just on 12 months and have only worm drenched our animals 4 times where previously it was every 6 weeks. Worm drenching has been halved and we have not had a sick goat (so no vet!). We have been hand feeding a lot of grain and traditionally this tends to cause problems in bucks but we have had no problems.

Previously we have had some pastern problems and were getting ready to cull animals but within 3-4 weeks of using TNN's product they were back up, and have gone on to win a number of shows.

The best results would be last year's kid drop, we had our largest kids born on less grain feed and the kids were putting on close to 10kg a month, so it enables them to utilize feed better. I recommend TNN to any animal breeder. 

Robyn Butson,
Sweet Honesty Arabians

I am a devoted Arabian horse breeder and I am very fanatical about my feeding programme for mares, stallion and foals. When I read about TNN Mineral Supplement for Horses, of course I had to enquire further. I was hesitant at the initial cost and not knowing much about this product, but it has proved its worth in gold. I can see the beneifts in my breeding horses and most importantly in the aged horses I care for. One aged mare in particular wasn't putting on condition at all. Determined to save this dear old mare I increased her feed resume and started her on TNN. She has now put on condition, holding it and looking so healthy. I can only say that since dosing my horses with TNN for the past ten months, all my horses are glowing, and doing so well. The results are showing now and I will definitely will keep all my horses on this supplement. I also find it convenient that you only have to dose them with it about every six weeks, it certainly has worked well. 

Paul & Leona Sherd,
"Glenvista" Santa Gertrudas Stud,
Ballengarra, NSW, 2441

Over the years we noticed a reduction in pasture response to usual recommended fertilizer inputs and also noticed increased soil compaction and thistles. We followed TNN's soil audit and TNN consultant, Ludwig Mueller's advice. We subsoil aerated for winter pasture and incorporated 1000 kg solid TNN FCMP, blended with 250 kg TNN Formula 1 soil microbes on 10ha. In two foliage spray applications we liquified 175 kg TNN Powdered Lime mixed with 20 Litre Nutrient Mix and 60 Litres of TNN NP 20/20 with a total program at cost of $250 / hectare / year. The out -come was less rust on ryegrass and oats, multiple grazing, one silage cut on winter pasture and one on summer pasture, all up with 415 silage round bales! Soil now feels soft under foot with reduced and smaller thistles, red clover established first time.


Scott & Leanne Harry,
Harry Cattle Co. Limousin Stud,
Cundletown, NSW, 2430

We introduced "TNN Mineral Plus" liquid chelated mineral and trace element supplement with extra strength selenium into our dairy's winterfeed program, choosing the "spray on option" every six weeks into silage and hay. Results were almost immediate; within days the cows had shine on their coats and were more settled in the yards. The results were so remarkable we now treat all cattle and horses in our care with TNN Mineral Plus and consider TNN an important part of our embryo transfer preparation program. Our Limousin stud and show cattle have never looked better. We couldn't be happier with the results we have had from TNN Mineral Plus.

Michael Chapman,
Dondingalong, NSW, 2440

Absolutely taken by surprise after using 100 kg FCMP and 25 kg Formula 1 at $150 / ha in my beef pasture renovating program prior to a 10 week dry spell. The pasture grew and established vigorously in the first six weeks with an enormous root development, holding on for the next 4 dry weeks until after grazing and followed by 20 mm rain, response was excellent and is ready to be grazed now, 4 weeks later. 

Ian Argue,
Stock and Land,
Kempsey, NSW, 2440

Following the recommendations to use TNN Mineral Plus for cattle, I noticed great improvements in the appearance of my cattle in a few weeks. Also an increased performance of our camp drafting horses by applying TNN Mineral Horse Supplement. My family successfully competes with the North Eastern Zone. I can highly recommend these advanced products. 

Marc & Fran Van Ummersen
Bellbrook, NSW, 2440

We started 16 months ago (guided by Ludwig Mueller area consultant for TNN) with a nutritional fertiliser soil program after a comprehensive soil test.

We started in a controlled area and applied Ag-Lime, FCMP, Formula 1 (applied to the soil) and liquid NK Plus sprayed on foliage. We replaced all conventional stock supplements with a cost efficient liquid chelated TNN Mineral Plus trace element supplement applied into the water troughs every 6 weeks.

Our treated pasture has improved, cattle and stock horses looking good and healthy, previous foot problems and lameness has disappeared, the whole herd is in excellent condition and has exceeded our expectations. 


Geoff Bell
Grazier, GUYRA NSW,

Geoff Bell was sceptical when he first heard of TNN fertilisers. "How could this phosphate fertiliser ensure stable yields, reduce soil acidity and save money, year after year"?

With a little push from Supreme Country's fertiliser rep, David Murrell , Geoff Bell trialled the fetiliser in one of his grazing paddocks. Amazed with the outcome, he is now opening his property, 'Loch Lomond' for local farmers to see the outstanding results for themselves.

Geoff says:

"I didn't know whether I wanted to change (fertilisers) but I said I'd trial one paddock and I've been very happy I took the risk, It's done such a good job, I can't get over the difference. There are a lot of things out there and you say 'this is going to be better' and 'this is going to be good', but none of it has come anywhere near what this (fertiliser) has. The grass is greener and healthier, the paddock had been grazed evenly and my stock's condition and health are better because of it. The scouring of the cows has stopped and there's no scours in the calfs either. The other paddocks are nowhere near as good".

"All the wildlife, the deer and kangaroos, they all stay in (FCMP treated) paddock now. The grass is sweeter, it has a better taste."

John Waterman, CEO of Supreme Country, was also sceptical when he first came across TNN but after seeing the results he is now recommending the product to clients:

"I spent 20 years in the cotton industry and through those 20 years so many people have tried to flog off so much snake oil, so I'm always so sceptical, To actually see it work, to see the results first hand, of two products being put on the same day, side-by-side, it's totally reassuring. It's just phenomenal, the stock just look so good. They are healthier and fatter. The feed (in other paddock) has been selectively grazed and you can see it's more prone to disease - that just wasn't happening on the other side of the fence. It's just chalk and cheese. People aren't getting a response from traditional superphosphate anymore so TNN's a winner for getting dollars back into the farmers' pockets and it's a winner for impacts on the environment. One of the biggest things that's been happening with the traditional fertilisers is that their contributing to soil acidity. (TNN) is neutralising it and bringing back the soil's pH and correcting base saturations".

"Normal superphosphate is water soluble so it dissolves and a certain amount runs off the paddock and into the creeks. A fair bit of it goes past the plants' roots and into the water table and it's having offsite impacts. TNN is only activated by more acidic soil like the soils around here. It doesn't go into a water soluble form, it is in a gel state and is only made available as the plant grows. It's available on a needs basis. This means it's fully available. You're not losing it through the soil profile and you'll end up using all of it."

"On a cost per unit basis you're getting a lot bigger bang for your buck and you'll get a lot more longevity out of the product."

"While the science behind TNN may be complex, the notion is simple - local farmers are seeing real results.From what I have seen this year, I'll be sticking with this." 


Bryce Garnock
South Bukalong

Over the past months, we have had our 50 Hereford & Poll Hereford 18 month old bulls on a new pasture, with rape, and had an outbreak of pink eye due to dust and flies. We added 1 Litre of Mineral Plus Drench 3 times a week for one month (8.5mls/head/day). The large mob of bulls stopped fighting and riding each other and after only two weeks we had to push them out of the way when putting the brew into the troughs. Working with them in the yards was pleasurable and their docility was fantastic. The pink eye was stopped and their coats changed a richer deeper colour which is beneficial pre sale day. Due to the pasture running out from the driest 3 years on record, we had to take them to a different paddock with no water trough for 4 weeks. We fed them 10kgs of silage per head per day which held them in their condition.

We had seven sires in a small paddock with exactly the same pasture, they were getting a daily dose of Mineral Plus. This was mainly due to the fact that coming out of joining from the cows/heifers they were in condition score 1 and looking pretty miserable, and their weight was way behind their siblings. The 10 ha paddock not only held them but they were easily 50 kg heavier at sale day than their siblings who were on the same diet and on a more constant plan of nutrition and weren't used for joining either.

After this we started adding Mineral Plus to the calves water trough a 2ml/head/day and the cows are now getting 4mls/head/day on McKoster brew whilst chewing tussocks over the harsh Monaro winter. The oil is back in their coats and they are licking their shoulders and content with their surroundings. 

John Creed,
Goon Nure, VIC, 3875

Dairy Heifers

I sprayed the farm with TNN Liquid Lime and Trace Elements in March.

At the end of March I bought a mob of mountain calves, quite a few of which had developed pink eye.

They were drenched with a dose of TNN Mineral Plus Supplement.

I have had a 100% success rate with the pink eye problem. The cattle are very healthy and are making significant weight gains.

I throughly recommend the Mineral Plus Supplement.

John Smythe
Boisdale Rd
Briagalong, VIC, 3860

I have been using the TNN Industries fertilizer program on 100 ha of irrigated Lucerne since November 20th

The benefits I have observed are:

  • Higher brix levels
  • Stems becoming denser
  • Greater leaf to stem ratio
  • No insect attack
  • Plants of a darker colour

The greater benefit would be the big increase in production I have had in the short time I have been using this system.

Graeme Wakefield
Stanhope, VIC, 3623

I began using the TNN program on my property in May 2003. Using Powdered Liquid Lime, Controlled Slow Release 20/20, Foliar Plus Pasture Spray, TNN Zinc Chelate. I am now selling at the Shepparton market at 2 1/2 years old. Stock and station agent insisting the cattle are at least 3 years. The extra weight gain is as a result of the whole program. Costs have been reduced by about 25% and this autumn was yielding 2 ton / ha Lucerne. Using this Lucerne for feed gains higher milk production.

Steve Grove
Cohuna, VIC, 3568

I began using the TNN program on my 900 acre dairy farm as a trial in May 2004. By November 2004, began program on 100 ha using TNN fertilizers on millet and permanent pasture, and on sub pasture in autumn this year. The soil now has earth worms and this has not occured ever on this farm in the last twenty years. I have applied TraceLime over most of this treated area as well as FF50 and FF60 and typical fertilizers used are Controlled Slow Release 20/20, TNN Ocean Life, Foliar Plus Pasture Spray, CSRF 10.10.10, TNN Fulvic Acid, TNN Zinc Chel. I will be starting the animal oral program on cows and calves late July 2005 and will continue to use the TNN Fertilizer program in Spring 2005.

Brian Bowles
Cohuna, VIC, 3568

After using the Mineral Plus Organic Drench, reproductivity was 128 cows in calf out of 130. Previously, there would normally be 20 to 30 cows not in calf.

I have treated 100 acres of permanent pasture with two applications of the TNN program and quality has increased with costs being reduced by about 25%. This year I have applied TNN Tracelime on Lucerne and will fertilise in early spring with a full TNN program.

Anthony & Fiona Jackson
Barham, NSW, 2732

A TNN fertilizer program of Liquid Lime, 32% Nitrogen, Bioactor, and Zinc Chelate yielded 72 ton of oaten hay from 7 hectares irrigated once only. There was and still is plenty of phos and potassium available in the soil. We have been using TNN products for two years now and have been treating different areas of the dairy farm each season on a new program. Other products used have been Controlled Slow Release 20/20, FF50, FF60, TNN FCMP, Foliar Plus Pasture Spray and CSRF 10.10.10. We will continue the program in the spring of 2005.

Ian Whatley
Nannella, VIC, 3561

I began using TNN products on my 1000 acre dairy farm in 1998. This district has a huge problem with high sodium, and magnesium and low calcium and phos, and in some cases potassium. Most trace elements are deficient. I have been using Powdered Liquid Lime, 32% Nitrogen, Controlled Slow Release 20/20, TNN FCMP, FF60, Trace Elements and this year Tracelime. I have also been using the oral trace element program at the dairy and in the nursery for the calves. Weight gain and growth have been evident and general health has improved. I will continue using the TNN program.


John & Jill Hodson
Nanneella, VIC, 3561

After using TNN products for over six years, animal health has improved on our 200 acre dairy farm and costs have reduced with each season. We have used Tracelime on the farm this year and are now reaping the benefits with the trace elements infused into the product. Over the six years, the presence of red legged earth mites has gradually disappeared from the pasture and the nutritional value has increased. We have used a wide range of TNN products including TNN FCMP, Controlled Slow Release 20/20, TNN Humus and Fish based products. We will never go back to the synthetic method of fertilization and will continue using the TNN program.

Greg & Maureen Mathers
Cohuna, VIC, 3568

Over a period of 18 months salt content of soil was reduced from 2000 to 200 ppm on our dairy farm 14 hectare paddock. This was achieved using a fertilizer program comprising of FF60, Powdered Liquid Lime, Bioactor, Foliar Plus Pasture Spray, and Controlled Slow Release 20/20.

As a result there are now earth worms in the soil and quality of pasture has improved immensely. Phos availability increase from 29 to 49 kg / ha, magensium reduced from 742 to 566 kg / ha, sodium from 1470 to 888 ppm. Zinc increased from 0.6 to 2.7 ppm.

We will continue using the TNN product range in our next fertilizer program.

Justin Weaver
Manager Halcyon Alpaca Stud
Maroondah Hwy
Healesville, VIC, 3777

We have been using TNN products for the last three years and have been really impressed with the results. We have seen dramatic improvements in the soil test results for the base minerals and steady improvement across the trace element range. The actual soil profile, colour, texture, and water holding capacity is looking better and better. But the true impact is easily seen from the ridge overlooking our farm, our property has rich green grass growth where the neighbours have none. Our carrying capacity even through these last few dry years has been well above the district average.

One of the great things about TNN is the range of products allowing you to use short, medium and long-term solutions to fit in with your program. We have incorporated a mineral drench into the husbandry program of our alpaca herd on a two monthly basis. This has taken care of the animals mineral supplement needs on a short-term basis allowing us to gradually improve the soil and plant contents in a sustainable way. The dramatic improvement in animal health, reproduction, growth rates and fleece production have been amazing.

However what keeps us using TNN products is the support we have received from our Reps and the companies balanced outlook on the use of both organic and traditional methods.

Steve Lamplough
“Oak Park Deer Farm”
Condah, VIC, 3303

I have been using some of your products recently and I am very impressed with the results. We farm about 700 Red Deer and Canadian Elk in South West Victoria. The deer have a very high requirement for trace elements and over the years I have tried most products on the market. The TNN Mineral Plus Supplement is the most amazing product I have seen. The results have been very noticeable in a short period of time. I have never seen my deer with such dark colored, lush, coats. The general health of the stock has improved along with increased condition and weight gains. The deer seem so much more content and inquisitive. Even the hooves on some of the animals are very noticeable, as they look as though they have had black boot polish applied to them!

Your fertilizer and lime products and the use of your soil aerator have also achieved very noticeable results. The paddocks that were aerated, trace limed and fertilized with TNN FCMP, in the spring, stayed green into summer for 5-6 weeks longer than the rest of the property.

I look forward to using more of your products. Many thanks.


TNN Fused Calcium Magnesium Phosphate (FCMP)
Grazing Property / Farmers Rd, Leongatha, VIC

Paddock roughly sown to oats towards the end of April 2004. Approximately a third of area was sown with Superphosphate and the balance with TNN FCMP. TNN FCMP and Superphosphate was broadcast at the approx rate of 150 kg/Ha.

The difference between both areas is quite noticeable:
Superphosphate Side:

  • Coarser plants
  • Hollow stems
  • Lighter green
  • Faster growth in early stages

FCMP Side:

  • Denser foliage
  • Solid stems
  • Much better colour
  • Slower growth at start, but crop now outperforming the 'superphosphate' area

Dry Matter 24.14% 24.29% 1%
Moisture 75.86% 75.71% 0%
Nitrogen 1.53% 2.57% 68%
Crude Protein 9.57% 16.05% 68%
Digestible Protein 6.47% 13.27% 105%
Gross Energy 16.13 MJ/Kg 17.05 MJ/Kg 6%
Digestible Energy 12.91 MJ/Kg 14.43 MJ/Kg 12%
Metabolizable Energy 10.27 MJ/Kg 11.9 MJ/Kg 16%
Net Energy Nem 6.06 MJ/Kg 7.43 MJ/Kg 23%
Net Energy NE1c 6.1 MJ/Kg 7.49 MJ/Kg 23%
    Average Nutrient Increase Whilst Using TNN FCMP 40%


TNN Mineral Plus Supplement for Horses,

TNN Mineral Plus Supplement for Cattle
Ken & Caroline Moore
Moorefields Farm
North Arm Cove

Thanks for recommending TNN Mineral drench for our horses and cattle.Even though I was using another mineral supplement one of our horses (rescued in the drought from the knackery) was very poor and had a growth the size of a walnut under his jaw. After 3 days on TNN the growth was half its size and after one month it was gone. After six months we were able to sell him as a riding horse.We had thought we would have to put him down.

I believe he could have had liver damage due to eating fireweed in the drought to survive. The effects of fireweed poisoning are not seen for at least a year and are thought to be irreversible.

Another horse who has suffered from some form of itch is no longer scratching and all of our horses seem free of ticks.

The cows were all poor when we bought them last summer and despite good feed and worming did not pick up. I started them on TNN in April 04, they endured a cold winter without supplementary feeding and as soon as spring feed arrived they got extremely fat and have healthy shiny coats and look years younger.

I weaned their calves in June due to conditions and put them straight onto TNN daily and with very little supplementary hay they put on condition and never looked back.

Also I had a little terrier dog go down with sever tick poisoning and despite vet attention looked like dying. We nursed her for two weeks but she could not eat and we were force feeding her with liquids etc. I decided to try TNN Horse Supplement.I gave her 1-2 ml every day for three days. She started eating ravenously on the 3rd day and is fully recovered. Thanks again

TNN Mineral Plus Supplement for Cattle
Simon Hengl
Woodberry Rd
Woodberry, NSW, 2322

I have been using TNN Mineral Plus Cattle Supplement for a good few months now. I have seen a great improvement in the health and performance of my cattle. Within a few days of giving them the supplement we can see an improvement in their coats, their scouring has cleared up and they have really blossomed.

I also feed bread to some of my cattle in a feedlot type situation and I have noticed a decrease in the usual problems associated with feeding bread. Also in the slow ones there has been dramatic improvement.

In my opinion if you have cattle you should be using this economical product.

TNN Mineral Plus Supplement for Horses

Bert & Beryl Follington,
PO Box 81,
Southwest Rocks, NSW, 2431,
Ph: 02 6565 0010

Thankyou TNN Industries for making available such excellent natural products. We have been using TNN Mineral Supplements for Horses for about four months now and have noticed a marked improvement in the health and well being of all horses given the product, especially our twenty eight year old Arabian Pinto, Fred, who has had arthritis for several years now. This winter he has a new spring in his step and with the warmer months almost here he is shedding his coat with a rich glossy new growth coming through and a brightness in his eyes that we haven't seen for years. We love old Freddie dearly and are so pleased to have found this great natural product to help him live a happy, healthy old age.

TNN Mineral Plus Supplement for Horses

Jo Fowler,
Lazy WM Stud,
Kundaberg, NSW, 2440,
Ph: 02 6561 5084

We recently acquired an ex race-horse mare for the purpose of breeding and like many ex race-horses she was lean and nervous. After several weeks of trial and error there was little improvement to her condition until friends offered us some TNN Mineral Supplement for Horses, which they had been using for several months with great success. The mare has had two doses of this excellent product and her disposition and general condition have improved markedly as has her appetite and coat. We have since purchased five litres of TNN Mineral Supplement and all our brood mares have had their first dose.

Thankyou TNN Industries for producing this excellent natural product.

TNN Mineral Plus Supplement for Horses

Judith Galloway,
Rollands Plains Road,
Telegraph Point, NSW, 2441

I have owned horses for many years now and appreciate a good product when I am introduced to one.

Three years ago we had the unfortunate luck to have one of our best show mares have her unborn foal die in-utero and not able to deliver this foal. She was at 7 months gestation. After a rush trip to the University at Camden, weeks of post delivery care, buckets of antibiotics and other medications we had our prize mare home, for which we cannot thank the vets at the University or our local vet enough, as they were wonderful.

Although looking fine and in good health she was missing the "life" in her eyes that was there before all this intervention.

I was introduced to TNN Mineral Plus Supplements by Andrew Buckman who told me of its capabilities as a natural therapy and decided to give it a go.

She has been on TNN for approximately 4 months and I can see a great difference. She's obviously metabolising everything, she's also eating better and is blooming so well we have needed to put her on rations!!! She has regained her old self and her old 'life' about her.

Remaining on TNN we will rebreed her this year and hopefully have a healthy foal result.

Thankyou TNN for this great product.

TNN Outback Mineral Plus Supplement

Karl Harms,
“Myall Charolais”,
Dirranbandi QLD 4486

To start with, we were using a urea based product with reasonable results.But it is just too risky with long-term side effects on our breeding stock.If it can eat through a new galvanised pipe in less than 12 months, what is it doing to our cattle rumen?Anyway, after a few talks with the crew at TNN Queensland, we all decided to trial a product we could trust, that was safe and cost effective.Our cattle responded almost immediately.Within 7-10 days they had virtually stopped chewing bones.During the trial period TNN adjusted the product according to lab results.After the trial was over TNN came up with a price that was more than competitive.We trialed the product in some of the worst conditions ever.Then came the name:- Outback Mineral Plus.

In summary:- All our cows are alive, in calf and looking good, thanks to Outback Mineral Plus.

Karl Harms
(07) 4625 8608

John & Faye Surace,
South Gippsland Hwy,
Bena, Victoria


We have been using a liquid foliar fertilizer program through Agtech Solutions, (consultants for TNN Industries) for the past two years.
Benefits showing are:

  • Better quality and volume of grass
  • Grass more palatable to cows
  • Cows grazing the paddocks much shorter, getting their fill of grass much quicker, thus making them more contented.
  • Lift in milk production
  • Conception rates higher.Heat detection easier.

We are also using a liquid mineral drench at the rate of 10ml per cow per day, in the troughs.This has made a lift in the cow’s body condition and put a glossy shine on their coats.We are really noticing that the body condition of our first year heifers has improved greatly.

John & Faye Surace

Ewan Coulter,
Coulters Road,
Mardan, Victoria


I have been using a total nutrition program from Agtech Solutions (consultants for TNN Industries), for 2 years.

Benefits I have noticed are:

  • Sheep are definitely healthier
  • Better quality of wool and more of it.
  • Less drenching
  • Twice tested for worms – zero count.
  • More grass: - agisted cattle are very calm and contented.

Ewan Coulter

Seabrook Farm,
Andersons Road,
Leongatha 3953

Photos Taken 6/01/03

The farm consists of 488 acres, (468 acres grazing, 20 acres bush), 5 minutes from the township of Leongatha.Flat to undulating.Currently carrying 351 head of beef cattle.Also carrying 44 head of agisted cattle, mainly dairy.

The photos were taken from a mob of 140 head, ranging in age from 2 ½ to 3 years.These animals were purchased as stores between 6-12 months ago.Current live weight is approx 660-680 kg average.

Cattle are grazing on TNN treated pasture and Mineral Plus is administered twice a week in the troughs. All cattle are quiet and easy to manage.

Since arriving on the farm, all cattle have received:


  • No Vaccinations
  • No Lice Treatments
  • No Vet Attention
  • No Worm Drench

Jim Seabrook
(03) 5662 2719
0417 557 013


 Peter & Sharon Doyle
"Broadview" Browns Ck. NSW  2799
Ph. ( 02 ) 63683578   Mob. 0418 838064

 To whom it may concern,

We have been using your minerals plus stock supplement for approximately 8 months now with staggering success, we have basically replaced all forms of chemical drenching etc in our sheep and cattle mobs, I was totally blown away at Christmas time, we had a situation where we drenched all our sheep with minerals plus and released them to the paddock, we then suffered major flooding and rains, the lambs ended up badly fly struck and I was unable to get them in or treat them due to flood waters, When we could eventually get them in I was expecting major losses but to my absolute amazement  the lambs that had been struck including badly struck were alive and well the struck areas were clean and dry and it looked like someone had even applied powder to the affected areas – I am totally sold.
I have introduced some of my mates to the use of minerals plus and they have equally amazing success stories.

Donald Corke                                                                                                                  Main Road,  Cliftleigh NSW  2321                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Mob. 0437 133 889

This is a letter to tell people what has happened and changed on my 20 acre farm on the outskirts of Maitland, Hunter Valley since using TNN products. Divided into 9 paddocks, 4 of these are cultervation paddocks, which are used to grow winter feed e.g. oats and barley mixed with vetch. One paddock is lucerne, also forage sorgham is grown in the summer on these cultivation paddocks. Two other paddocks are my pasture improved paddocks made up of clovers and native grasses. Also pumkins and potatos are grown for the household and family on the edges of cultivation paddocks. The rest of the farm has 4 breeders and 6 to 8 steers all year round. Steers are bought in store condition and finished on the paddocks. Since starting with TNN products 3 years ago, two of the paddocks are not used to feed stock, I use these paddocks to make hay because more feed is produced than required. Soil structure is better, worm life very strong and dung beetles are highly productive. Also because of better soil structure, irrigation costs are down. So all in all....Yields are up, longer lasting produce....Stock condition and health is better......Running costs are down...Soil quality is better.  TNN products definitely work, I could not be more pleased with the results.


G. & P. Jackson
Dairy Farmers, Stony Creek. VIC.


Mineral Plus Testimonial
“We have been using Mineral Plus for 5 months. Herd is healthy and shiny. In a very wet year we have noticed a definite drop off in feet problems. Calves are as healthy as anything. We stopped using Min+ for the calves for a couple of weeks and their condition dropped - Dull coats, not as healthy. Picked up as soon as we started using Min+ again.”


Richard & Robyn Davis
Mirboo North. VIC. 3871

Beef farming / Commercial egg production.

We have been using TNN Mineral Plus Nutritional Supplement on our beef cattle (cows & calves) for approximately 3 months.
We have seen huge changes in our stock…..
 Best vealers ever at this age.
 No scouring in cows or calves.
 Cows have never looked better.
Before we introduced TNN Mineral Plus Supplement into the water, (late winter) the cattle were consuming 3 round bales of hay per day. After introduction, we were able to cut this back to 2 bales/day, with a better result.

We used a blend of TNN Liquid Fertilizers (after doing a soil audit), over the whole property. With just one application of this TNN fertilizer, the clover is more predominant, the pasture looks healthier and the cattle are consuming it aggressively.
On part of the property we over-sowed TNN FCMP (Fused Calcium Magnesium Phosphate) with Aston Energy seed with excellent results.
The utilization of the pasture is amazing.

We run a commercial free-range egg production business on our farm and since using the TNN Mineral Plus supplement in the water, the egg production went from 300 eggs/day to 430/day…..(same number of hens). This is an increase in production of 43%. As a result of using the TNN Mineral Plus supplement we have also been able to reduce our feed input. Grazing on the better pastures has also contributed to this result.
Using TNN products has certainly improved the health & productivity of our animals.


Case Study: Back Grounding/Mineral Plus
Location: Grazing Property – Settlement Point Phillip Island.

Date: 18/09/07 to 29/08/08

Treated Area:   66 Ha - 113 Angus Steers

Settlement point is an intensive back grounding operation made up of 33 2ha paddocks. All paddocks have shelter belts and clean troughs with town water. In general stock are purchased at the start of spring and fattened for one year to reach their goal weight of 550kgs.

Steers arrive at an average weight of 276kgs and begin cell grazing with no supplement feeding. Top and bottom weights are 406 and 192kgs respectively. We manage to gain 1.4kg/ day throughout the spring.

Livestock continue cell grazing with silage daily until they are confined to 3 paddocks and feed daily. Due to the season they are fed a maintenance ration and some as we didn’t want to stop growth. Growth rate is reduced to .59kg/day

An early break occurs and the steers remain in confinement to allow us to create a feed wedge for the winter. Animals are weighed prior to commencement of grazing. They have dropped to an average of .6kg/day.

Cell grazing commences with supplement feeding daily. For 3 months the steers only put on an average of 0.15kg/day.  From mid July ‘Mineral Plus’ is mixed with 20 liters of water and poured on the flat side of round hay bale and allowed to soak for 24 -48hrs. GROWTH RATE INCREASES TO 1.01KG/DAY for the last month of winter allowing us to sell the tops at our goal weight of 500kgs.

For an investment of 9 cents/day/hd in mineral plus we gained an extra kilo/hd/day, therefore $1.72/hd/day extra was achieved. To justify it to ourselves we did our own trial of hay with mineral plus and one without. The steers ran straight over the hay without the mineral plus and ate it only once they had grazed the paddock. It must be noted that all the hay and silage throughout the year was a consistent level of quality. 

Hamish Bartholmuos


Case Study: $ made not saved
Date: January 07 to September 09
Location: Grazing Property – Helens Head Phillip Island.

Treated Area:   33 Ha

Helens Heads is a progressive grazing property willing to diversify into rising markets. The property has recently begun to utilize the TNN system however its south facing topography is the limiting factor. Although pasture are regularly over sown the harsh winds from bass straight reduce stock and pasture growth rates. 
January 07 to January 09
63 Angus Lawson Bloodline 1 year old heifers are purchased and begin grazing with supplement feeding. They are joined at 2 year of age. In July 08 22 Heifers are sold to reduce stocking levels. The remaining 41 heifers begin calving in September 08.     
January 09 to August 09

Soil test are conducted and the TNN system is implemented. Mineral plus is added to the troughs, Trace lime at 1t/ha, FCMP at 150kg/ha, Urea supreme at 50kg/ha, Number 6 pasture spray at 10L/ha, 15.5.5 at 15L/ha, blend 3421 at 40kg/ha.

Livestock respond well to the new system, however on the 18.02.09 20 cow calf units are picked at random to be sold locally on the island for $1100.00. The property offers shelter from the winds and operates under the conventional system.  

August 09

On the 26.08.09 both the TNN system calves (which have continued receiving Mineral Plus added to the troughs) and the conventional system calves are placed in the same market with the same blood lines, same auctioneer and advertised the same way. Steers and heifers from both properties have reached 11 months

TNN average $690.00
Conventional average $490.00 


Did we gain $200/head or did he lose the $200/head. Either way the math’s is simple.

Dugald Cameron
Cameron Contracting Agricultural Services
0438 568 697



Prior to calving 140 mixed age Hereford cows were split into two mobs, approx. ½ each. The only difference between the two mobs was that mob A was grazed in a paddock that had 1T per hect of Tracelime applied approx. 3 months earlier.  The brix levels (sugar content) of this grass was approx. 2 brix higher than the other.  The result with these calves come sale time was approx. 30-40kg live weight heavier.  This equates to roughly $70-80 per calf extra.
Cows and calves looked better and there didn’t seem to be any set backs at weaning.  I definitely believe this is the best option for our environment and more Tracelime will be applied as finances allow.  With the help of GFS (agent for TNN) I been able to see that it is not about quantity of grass grown but quality.  As reticulated water is improved around the property Mineral Plus will also be a must have for this operation.
Regards,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Robert Lee



Since using the TNN system we have noticed a better coat colour in our animals.  No lice over the entire year and pasture has gone from being sparse to very dense and lush.  Using an NPK type program prior we could always grow height in our grass but never density. That has now changed and the cattle seem more contented.
Products used were, Tracelime, 15-5-5, fish, nitrophos and Mineral Plus.

Angus Stud Prinicipal



iT per hect of Tracelime, 20 ltrs 15-5-5, 20ltrs fish, 2lt Boron and 3ltrs sulphur was all that was needed to take a run down dairy farm with low production to a dairy farm producing quality and quantity milk.  My expectation was blown away. Regular monitoring with soil-leaf tests by Paul at GFS will help us make the next step in continuing our production goals.  Once again thank you.

J White – Dairy farmer – Sale


GRAZIER – OMEO, Victoria

100 per cent money back guarantee was what I was told if I wasn’t happy. Paul from GFS (TNN agent)  was confident that Mineral Plus used on my stock would help conception, docility and general appearance (cattle, sheep alpacas).  Many drums have been purchased over the years and I have not had to ask for my money back.  Very happy and will continue to use this product.

I & D Nicholas - Benambra


When my lambs topped the Corowa sheep market in early December I was fully convinced that the monthly administration of Mineral Plus paid big dividends.  Great product that I recommend to every one.

R Pendergast - Benambra

Max & Bev Saul
1370 Southbank Taylors Arm Road.
Macksville 2447.

 "It will soon be 3 years since Ludwig first visited our property to offer his advice about our soil.

At first we found him a bit hard to understand and did not know if we could trust his advice. But we have found that what he has told us seems to work very well, and he has been so helpful at times. Going out of his way to phone, visit, and look around at different animals and land questions we have on our minds. This is just so unlike any help we have been offered in the past.

Most advice we have been given over the years, has not suited our coastal conditions. They would come and take a soil test, but it was not as complete and detailed as Ludwig’s. His test shows every possible element that is deficient.

In the past we have used tons of Urea and Super Phosphate and grew lots of grass. But the cows did not like the taste of the grass and were not contented in the dairy, and always were scoured.

Now from using TNN (FCMP with formula 1 & Urea Supreme) as well as (Liquid Powdered Lime & Fish Emulsion) our herd is much more contented. The cows stay in their paddock all day and no longer get the wanders. Our herd seems to be that much more contented at milking time and makes our job quicker and easier.

Our thanks must go to Ludwig and TNN for showing us, what we think is a better way of managing soils, pastures & our herd for the long term."

Max & Bev Saul - Macksville


 Robyn Davis..... 
Mirboo North farmer and Agri-Gene representative
( excerpt from HICO Farmer June 2012)


"We had always wanted to look at more effective fertilisers and wanted to be environmentally friendly to see if it did make a difference to cow health, but felt we didn't have the knowledge to give it a go.Over the last 6 years we had occasionally tried different products but with disappointing results in growth and we would return to conventional fertilisers to grow grass.
Jim was interested enough to take the time to help us understand the biological processes, and after using the TNN products, the benefits were obvious, better cow health, better utilisation of the pasture. Changing our farming methods meant that the farm became less demanding."


Barry Allan,
Mardan, Victoria

"Over the years I have been busy developing our property; we now milk 140 registered Jerseys in a 6 double-up herringbone milking shed on 235 acres. Over the last 10 years I have changed the fertiliser program, virtually using no Super, but using Bio-Liquid and solid materials from TNN Industries. Also using Lime with Trace elements. The soil is a lot healthier with more worm activity and the root depth of the grass grows 6 to 7 inches deep, the weeds have also become eradicated. From these changes our conception rate has lifted dramatically, with an average of 2 to 3 empty cows yearly and our seasonal calving pattern has tightened. The longevity of our herd has also improved. Our Cell Count is exceptional; we have reached No 1 at Murray Goulburn, Leongatha, a few times out of all the suppliers, and are regularly within the Top 20. We were even listed in the top 1% of quality milk supplied in Australia at one point!"

(Excerpt from 100 Years of Jersey History 1912 - 2012)


VC & VE Miller
131 Welshmans Creek Rd
Wallarobba NSW 2420
Ph/Fax 02 49956134


Well here we are 3 & 1/2 years from a meeting at Tocal Field day & discussing TNN PRODUCTS with BILL MUNTON which I thought was the most  over rated product that I had heard of, but with super costs spiralling I was expecting some alternatives to be found.
After thinking about what Bill had told me for about 6 Months I rang & asked Bill to our property “GLENORIS” to discuss further & have soil test done I picked out 3 paddocks of different soil types amounting to 10 HCTRE – 25 acres After soil tests came back FMCP –Formula1, zinc, boron lime & potash was recommended. I applied all these at recommended rates I accepted the fact that I wouldn’t see a quick result, Bill said my country was already well improved. The first 12 months I could not see any major improvement, 2nd year I did another soil test where as when we did the first Tect Grass root system went about 2 inches then went everywhere but down & no worms. The second test grass root roots went down about 4 inches before going sideways & 4 -6 worms per shovel of dirt. After 2nd application of  TNN PRODUCTS I could see some improvement in Pasture.
12 months later another soil test was taken grass roots had gone down 6 inches in all directions with a lot of worms, only 1 tonne FMCP was Applied the third time @ 100 Kg Per HCTRE. These 3 paddocks now really stand out from other paddocks which I chemical fertilize & Chicken Litter. 
I am amazed with the amount of clover & rye on the areas. The 8-acre paddock I have used nothing but TNN PRODUCTS on, is spectacular.
I have shown a number of people the paddock. The biggest comment is they have never seen pasture so rich in colour & growth without urea.
In the past 3 &1/2 years no Haifa white clover was sown 12 months ago I put 40 Kg of Tetilla Rye 4 kgs of red clover, 1 kg of chickory, which has persisted. The other  paddocks I had applied Chicken Litter at 3Mtrs Per acre to boost Rye for winter feed but this year the 8 acre paddock with nothing but TNN PRODUCT has out produced the other paddocks. I am astounded at how quick the pasture has responded after being stripped grazed at present it is 9 days since grazing 7 there is about 3 to 4 inches of regrowth already. It is grazed about every 7 weeks I must say that everything Bill Told me 3&1/2 years ago has happened in fact it is working better for us than he said. This year we have gone from spreading 1Tonn to 15 Tonnes.
We are looking to-wards buying another spreader that can spread TNN at a lower rates on steeper hill country so we can use 100% TNN PRODUCTS on our property.


Rod Kater,
Bonnington Beef, 36 Whites Road,
Allynbrook, NSW 2311.

I have been using the TNN product, Fused Calcium Magnesium Phosphate, for several years on cattle pastures consisting of clover and perennial grasses.
I was initially attracted to the data showing high availability of the contained phosphate, and the slow release of the nutrients over several years due to its granularity and chemical structure, as well as its property of not contaminating waterways.
By simple observation, improvement in weaner weight gains, and continuing effect over several seasons showing in soil tests, I am planning to use the product on a wider area of the property.


Geoff Bell
Killarney Guyra, N.S.W.


 After trialling the TNN mineral plus on my ewes and rams for 3Months, I had noticed a difference in the condition of health and weight gain, At that point I started all my stock both sheep and cattle on the TNN Mineral Plus with trough application. By utilising the Mineral plus in the water I was able to save time and diverse my labour elsewhere on the farm. After 14months of administering the mineral plus I selected young ewes for a egg count, as the results showed some activity this was nothing to be concerned about , the stock have never looked better in both health and yield. I have not used any conventional drenching of stock for the past 24 months and I will not look back. I have applied further to my pastures some of the TNN products such as the FCMP and I have seen a dramatic change in pasture growth and a reduction within unwanted weeds, I have increased bale weight within red clover and rye. I would like to thank the TNN group for supplying a range of products that work extremely well and shows results with no wasted time. I will continue to use the TNN Products in years to come.

 John Randles
Gisborne, VIC

Before we left our property at Woodend we were achieving high levels of production through our pastures, which resulted in us achieving top prices for our cattle at the market, thanks to TNN. While we were sad to leave our much loved home of 35 years we had the benefit of knowing that we left the property in better condition than when we bought it.