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TNN will be at Site 111-Maitland Showgrounds on APRIL 18th,19th and 20th.

Call in and talk to Bill Munton.  

Bill's mobile is 0407 252 318.



















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The Story of TNN

TNN Industries Pty Ltd was established over a decade ago. A product range was developed using mostly imported products.

TNN began production to provide better nutrition at each level – from the soil, the plant, the animal and in turn, humanity.

TNN always maintained sustainable products and a proven fertility building system would prove to be the most ideal farming approach both in effect and in respect to viability. This approach has proven itself to be correct. TNN has proved that nutrition is the key to successful agriculture in every aspect.

TNN has grown and great effort has been made by TNN over the years to source current and accurate data, along with the help of other individuals and organisations expertise world wide in producing an excellent, extensive product range and knowledge base alongside accurate and complete analytical testing. Growing support has been received from leading agricultural experts and educators who have endorsed TNNs methods and approach to agriculture. TNN have worked towards and accomplished a very workable and practical approach to sustainable and profitable farming.

We hope that you too will consider and embrace a like vision towards your agricultural and families future and will endeavour to succeed with the future of farming in mind. Let our proven experience help you in your profitable endeavours!


Over a decade of experience in the field of sustainable and biological agriculture have allowed TNN industries to show all it’s mastery in the production of quality and commitment, by producing a range of superior fertiliser products and animal suppliments, meeting the actual needs of acriculture’s different facets of production.

Over time, TNN industries have gained considerable experience in fertilisers, allowing it to perfect product lines, which fulfill todays challenging demands.

The line of TNN industries fertiliser products, as far as technology is concerned, are made with the utmost precision and have been designed and formulated to meet the needs of all agricultural formats.

Advanced production technology and quality control are mixed together to offer the excellent performance results, which are typical of TNN industries products.

The highest quality soil tests guarantees and assures stability and production, when followed with a TNN industries sustainable fertiliser program.

TNN industries fertiliser products and programs have an enviable reputation of being reliable, exacting and of the highest standards, with results to impress.

These fertiliser products carry the honourable stamp “made by TNN industries”