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Q & A : TNN Bioactor

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Are nutrients provided with the bacteria?

The nitrogen-fixing bacteria, phosphorus-liberating bacteria and potassium-liberating bacteria in Bioactor can provide partial N, P, K fertilizer for plants need. Bioactor also possesses some trace elements such as Zn, B, Ca, Fe, Mo, etc, which are important for plants.

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How does Bioactor change the N/P/K ratio?

It's mechanism is that, nitrogen-fixation bacteria can transform the nitrogen in the air into nitrogen fertilizer that is necessary for crops. Meanwhile, phosphorus-liberating bacteria and potassium-liberating bacteria can transfer insoluble phosphorus and potassium not absorbed by crops. So after applying Bioactor, the amount of valuable N/P/K in soil will get increased.

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How does the Bioactor technology work and the best way of application?

Bioactor is bacteria fertilzer. It possesses Nitrogen-fixing bacteria, Phosphorus-liberating bacteria and Potassium-liberating bacteria.

  1. The way bioactor provides phosphorus and potassium fertilizer: The phosphorus-liberating bacteria in Bioactor spread and propagate in the soil. During process of metabolism, they produce some kinds of organic acid around the roots of plants, which can transfer the insoluble potassium and phosphorus into soluble form, which can be absorbed directly by the plants.
  2. About the application methods:
    • Seed dressing can be applied to any kind of seed.
    • Base Fertiliser: can be applied widely to kinds of plants.
    • Root Soaking: during process of transplanting, soak the roots of seeding in Bioactor water solution.
    • Spray: can be applied widely, especially suitable for fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and lawn.
    • Root Irrigating: can be applied widely, especially suitable for perennial plants.

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Is Bioactor a single culture, monoculture or poly culture?

Bioactor is a biological compound fertilizer. It includes several valid bacteria such as valid nitrogen-fixing bacteria, phosphorus-liberating bacteria, potassium-liberating bacteria and nodule bacteria.

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What are the Bioactor cost differences for various crops?

The prices for Bioactor for different plants have little difference. The costs are dependant on the application amounts. For grains, the amount of applying including seed dressing, and fertilizer and base-fertilizer is 22.5 kg - 37.5 kg. For vegetables, the amount of seed dressing, root soaking, spraying is 32.5 kg. For flowers, the amount of root soaking, spraying is 35 kg. For fruit trees, the amount of root irrigation, spraying 60 - 75 kg.

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What is the improvement in land productivity over time using Bioactor vs using conventional fertilizers?

Using chemical fertilizer can cause many consequences including:

  1.  Soil hardening, beneficial micro-organism decreasing, soil biological system being impaired.
  2.  Resistance of plants decreasing
  3.  Soil heavy-metal pollution
  4.  Land productivity decreasing

By applying Bioactor, you can make the following improvements in a given period of time.

  1. In 3-5 years, improve the condition of the hardened soil, recover its biological system.
  2. Remediate soil pollution, improve the quality of produce.
  3. Increase the output of produce, while reducing the use of chemical fertilizer by 15-30%.
  4. Strengthen the plants abilities to resist insects and pests.

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What is unique & different about Bioactor and is there a patent covering the technology?

The priority characteristic of Bioactor is that the nitrogen-fixing bacteria in Bioactor is not single-hosted, it can induce the nitrogenous activity not only in leguminous plants. It's other main specialties:

  1. Broad applicability - Bioactor is suitable for all kinds of grain crops, economic crops, vegetables, trees and flowers, etc.
  2. Distinct yield-increasing effect, reduction of chemical fertilizer application rate.
  3. Little applying amount, lower cost.
  4. Improvement of the quality and earlier maturity.
  5. Improvement of the soil, prevention from diseases, diseases-resistance.
  6. Simple application methods.

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