TNN Mineral Plus Supplement for Cattle (LIQUID)

TNN Mineral Plus Supplement for Cattle (LIQUID)

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When animal performance and growth rates of animals do not meet target weights, when production levels or reproductive performance of mature animals is poor…..MINERAL DEFICIENCIES ARE THE MOST LIKELY CAUSE.

TNN MINERAL PLUS assists overcoming these problems. Mineral deficiencies and imbalances can have an impact during the course of a growing season. TNN Mineral Plus assists in achieving maximum growth, helps optimise animal performance which are all essential for balanced nutrition.

Due to shipping and buyer location any orders of quantities above 5 litres it is advisable to email us to obtain an "all up" price of product and freight.

What are the causes of trace mineral deficiencies and imbalances soils and animals?

  1. The soils are depleted on one or more trace elements and livestock could be grazing on poor quality pastures
  2. Nutrient intake may be limited by low feed availability
  3. Worm burden can reduce the absorption of minerals
  4. Mineral deficiencies can predispose livestock to production limiting diseases such as gastrointestinal parasitism
  5. Forage fibre may be resistant to ruminal digestion
  6. Seasonal mineral deficiencies can be the result of climatic conditions, delayed arrival of rain to start the usual growth season, drought or the early closure of the growth season because of the absence of rain
  7. The overzealous use of chemical fertiliser can produce a copper and cobalt deficiency
  8. Rapid “lush” pasture growth due to favourable climatic conditions can also result in greatly reduced mineral levels in the pasture

    TNN Mineral Plus for Cattle and Sheep is a trace element that will increase dietary intake of certain tract minerals where intake by livestock may be low. TNN Mineral Plus employs a unique chelation process to assist in mineral uptake.


    • Cobalt
    • Selenium
    • Sulphur
    • Copper
    • Zinc
    • Manganese
    • Iodine
    • Magnesium
    • Reducing Sugars
    • Crude Protein Equivalent
    • Micro Fine Kelp. Increases the digestive function of all ruminants to give optimal digestion of food intake.