TNN Mineral Supplement for Camels (LIQUID)

TNN Mineral Supplement for Camels (LIQUID)

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TNN MINERAL PLUS for CAMELS was developed for the normal weekly upkeep as well as for the  racing camel market in the Middle East where camels perform in arduous conditions.

  The camel's digestive system includes some important organs. The camel has 3 stomaches that have IE bacteria that churn up food. The liver regulates the camel's metabolism. 

The cells inside a camel are the same in other animals. Though the difference is that the red blood cells are more oval shaped compared to other mammals. This helps facilate their flow in a dehydrated state. These cells are also more stable to withstand the diffusion through the cell membrane.

  •  Highly concentrated source of amino acid
  • Ingredients containing Nitric Oxide to optimize performance and endurance
  • Enables relaxation and widen blood vessels in the body to enable a greater transfer of oxygen and proteins to muscle fibres required for optimal performance.
  • Provides for a weekly upkeep helping to reduce dehydration
  • Assists in better assimilation of feed conversion
  • The water based elements allow for 90% absorption to prevent the harmful oxidation of cells
  • Contains a class of proteins called antibodies that produce T-cells to target particular pathogens which are only relative to camels
  • Blood pressure is lowered making distribution more efficient by increasing red cells which means the heart does not have to increase activity in order supply muscles with oxygen glycogen and amino acids in order to function at peak levels
  • Milk production may increase from 15% - 20% subject to feed