Jennifer Hawkins

As a breeder of Crabbet Arabian horses for over 40 years, I’ve used TNN’s Horse Plus for the
last decade with spectacular results in breeding stallions, mares, young stock and
performance horses. It is a highly effective and convenient way to administer nutrients
essential for equine health and vitality, creating a visible… Read more “Jennifer Hawkins”

Linda C, Victoria

My Jack Russell, Roxy is eight years old and has severe arthritis in her hips and back legs. I had stopped taking her for long walks as they obviously caused her pain. Several costly treatments from our vet did relieve the symptoms for short periods of time but they didn’t last. Some time ago a… Read more “Linda C, Victoria”

Ken & Caroline M, North Arm Cove

Thanks for recommending TNN Mineral Plus for our horses. Even though I was using another mineral supplement one of our horses (rescued in the drought from the knackery) was very poor and had a growth the size of a walnut under his jaw. After three days on TNN Mineral Plus the growth was half its… Read more “Ken & Caroline M, North Arm Cove”

Dr. Arden Andersen PhD DO FS

I find TNN to be a well organized professional organization that puts customer satisfaction and
farm results at the top of their priority list. They have excellent soil, plant, and animal products
comparable in quality with any competitor in the business. Regardless of the product, however, this
business is about people, customer… Read more “Dr. Arden Andersen PhD DO FS”